SEO is one which cannot be predictable. In any case, you have to know that it is not that difficult but it keeps on changing often and often because of its changing principles. When Google crawl to improve its performance, some positions change here and there, some fall into blankness, and totally new one emerge all of a sudden. To keep yourself in the game of 2018, here are some most conspicuous patterns that can boost up your energy & some tips for you to plan and follow.


The most important feature of SERP is to keep track on your Ranking and there are some Features like local packs, knowledge panels and featured snippets are the top search engine optimization trends for 2018 which you need to know. More talks about organic listing’s place and stealing searchers attention in Digital Marketing nowadays. So track your page rank based on these features to rank up your site in #1 position. Being in the topmost position in Google Search Page is not by attracting the most traffic alone. There are several other parameters that come into the picture. These SERP features are grabbing attention and clicks from Google’s organic listings. The Google page consists of two types of listings: Organic and Pay per Click. Ads hold about four positions and the Organic links cover about ten blue links space on every Google page. It’s ideal that SERP features can be improved by performing the following:

  1. Rankings need to be tracked and optimized on a timely basis
  2. Keywords have to be monitored day in and day out

2. Data needs to be Structured

It’s a method for arranging HTML which uses a particular dictionary, telling search engines how to describe the content and how to display it on a Search Engine Result Page. Structured data can be used to find listings in several ways:

  • Rich Snippets: This will help us to increase the click-through rate by 30 percent.
  • Thinks Knowledge graph panels are also one of the media that can be more informative.
  • Repeated attempts and experiments will help boost up the rankings.

3. Voice Search :

Voice search has information that 55 percent of teens and 40 percent of adults use, voice search daily and it became more users friendly for people to use nowadays than typing. They feel like type search is time-consuming than voice search so they are adapting it to their daily life. Voice search includes the usual sentences framed that are more conversational rather than the manual typing which is more related to query like.

4. Mobile SEO :

Mobile SEO is ruling the market and its one of the most popularly used. One needs to ensure that if the pages are mobile friendly or not. Due to voice search, most of the searches coming from mobile devices use voice search and it became mobile-friendly for searchers. So you can't bear to disregard portable SEO any longer.

5. Relevance 2.0

It’s hard to tell Google that you have an extraordinary content when you truly don't (and less demanding to get punished for attempting). Google has many ways to evaluate your quality of content. By seeing billions of pages, the ways they have used content, Google realizes which terms are connected and build expectations that the term which needs to show up in given setting. This strikes google to select whether a piece of content is Complete.